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Customer Symposium: Discussion on markets

Western Area Power Administration hosted its second Customer Symposium: Discussion on Markets, June 30, 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona. During the meeting, industry experts along with WAPA senior power marketing staff provided the latest updates on energy trends, market strategies and industry changes to sixty attendees from around the nation. The day was capped with a question and answer session.   ​

See the news release and find us on Twitter.  ​ ​Or read a recap of the symposium in the July news feature (PDF).

See agenda​. 

WAPA presentations​

Opening remarks - Mark A. Gabriel, WAPA Administrator and CEO

Upper Great Plains Region SPP update - Jody Sundsted, UGP Vice President of Power Marketing

Sierra Nevada Region update - Sonja Anderson, SN Vice President of Power Marketing

Decision Making Process for Markets - Dave Neumayer, RM Vice President of Power Marketing

Desert Southwest Region update - Jack Murray, DSW Vice President of Power Marketing​

CRSP Management Center update - Rodney Bailey, WAPA Power Marketing Advisor​

Industry partners presentations ​

Southwest Power Pool update - Carl Monroe, SPP Executive Vice President and COO​

Midcontinent ISO update - Todd Ramey, MISO Vice President System Operations and Market Services

PJM Interconnection update - Adrien Ford, Director of Member Relations

California ISO update - Don Fuller, Director of Strategic Alliances

Balancing Authority of Northern California Study - Jim Shetler, BANC General Manager

Mountain West Transmission Group - Joe Taylor, Xcel Energy Services, Manager Transmission Access

Brattle Study - Judy Chang, Brattle Group, Principal

Argonne Markets Evaluation - Dave Neumayer for Thomas Veselka, Argonne National Laboratory 

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