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WAPA and markets

​​marketsmap.pngWAPA is committed to continuing market-related conversations with customers. Exploring market options ensures WAPA continues to reliably deliver hydropower to its diverse customer base and seek solutions that help us adapt to​ the changes in the energy landscape.  

Ongoing market activities

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Background: Market conversations – WAPA and customers

WAPA and customers have been discussing markets for decades. WAPA has also held several all-customer market-related events. Catch up on some of the more recent conversations, here:

WAPA and other utilities also participated in the Mountain West Transmission Group to evaluate a range of options ranging from a common transmission tariff to regional transmission organization membership. The initiative ended in 2018.


A compilation of studies completed by other entities on market development and related topics in the West. These links lead to external webpages outside the WAPA website.

DOE-Funded State-Led Market Study

NREL Interconnections Seam Study

NREL North American Renewable Integration Study


Chrystal Dean​, VP of Enterprise Portfolio Management


Vice Presidents of Power Marketing:

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