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Southwest Power Pool RTO membership effort

​​​WAPA's Upper Great Plains - West, Rocky Mountain and Colorado River Storage Project are exploring full membership in the Southwest Power Pool Regional Transmission Organization. 

​Participating in SPP’s exploratory effort to expand the RTO into the West is consistent with our commitment to evaluate alternative ways of doing business that will retain and increase the value of WAPA to customers in the dynamic energy industry. We are committed to keeping pace with changes in the industry to ensure we, along with our customers, are optimally positioned to take advantage of​ the myriad opportunities before us, ensure the continued success of our mission in the energy frontier and keep rates as low as possible consistent with sound business principles.

We will regularly communicate our activities an​d the potential benefits with our customers and other stakeholders as we assess this opportunity. If it continues to show promise, we will work through a formal public process with customers and other stakeholders before any decisions are made.​





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