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Grande Prairie Wind Farm, O'Neill, NE

The Western Area Power Administration (Western), an agency of the Department of Energy (DOE), has prepared a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) on the proposed interconnection of the Grande Prairie Wind Farm (Project) in Holt County, near the city of O'Neill, Nebraska. Grande Prairie Wind, LLC (Grande Prairie), a subsidiary of Midwest Wind Energy Development Group, LLC, has applied to Western to interconnect their proposed Project to Western’s power transmission system.

This draft EIS addresses Western’s Federal action of interconnecting the proposed Project to Western’s transmission system and making any necessary modification to Western facilities to accommodate the interconnection. The EIS also includes a review of the potential environmental impacts of Grande Prairie constructing, operating, and maintaining a 400-megawatt (MW) wind power generating facility, consisting of wind turbine generators, access roads, an electrical collection system, a collector substation, permanent meteorological tower(s), a sonic detection and ranging (SODAR) unit, an operations and maintenance building and yard, a transmission line, temporary staging areas, and other ancillary facilities.

DATES: The public comment period closes on August 4, 2014. A public hearing will be held on July 1, 2014 from 5:00-7:00 PM CDT.

ADDRESSES: A public hearing will be held at the O'Neill Community Center, 501 South 4th Street, O'Neill, NE 68763. Written comments on the draft EIS should be addressed to Matt Marsh, Environmental Protection Specialist, Western Area Power Administration, Upper Great Plains Region, P.O. Box 35800, Billings, MT 59107-5800 or e-mail at mmarsh@wapa.gov.


Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


Federal Register Notice

- Notice of Intent, Interconnection of the Grande Prairie Wind Farm, Holt County, NE (202kb pdf)


Draft EIS

- Grande Prairie Final Draft EIS (5MB pdf)


Final Environmental Impact Statement

- Grande Prairie Final EIS (4mb pdf)

Supporting Documents

- Grande Prairie Record of Decision (503kb pdf)

- Grande Prairie Comment Response Matrix (3.0mb pdf)

- Grande Prairie Comment Form (45kb pdf)
- Grande Prairie Handout (767kb pdf)

- Wildlife Conservation Strategy (3,164kb pdf)
- Northern Long-Eared Bat Conservation Measures (199 kb pdf)
- 2012 Breeding Bird Survey (774kb pdf)
- 2012 Prairie-Grouse Lek Survey (1,398kb pdf)

- 2012 Raptor Nest Survey (1,196kb pdf)
- American Burying Beetle Survey (59kb pdf)

- Wind Farm EDR Search (5,097kb pdf)

- Farmland Conversion Impact Rating Form (100kb pdf)

- Geronimo Best Management Practices (129kb pdf)

- Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Letter (1,885kb pdf)

- Pre-Construction Impact Assessment Bats (1,239kb pdf)

- Stage 1 Initial Site Assessment Eagle Use (1,328kb pdf)
- USFWS Memo Nebraska Long-Eared Bat (696kb pdf)

- Viewshed Analysis (5,933kb pdf)
- Wetland, Waterway, and Habitat Evaluation (11,315kb pdf)
- Whooping Crane Stopover Analysis (7,408kb pdf)
- USFWS Letter Dated December 17, 2012 (887kb pdf)

- Aerial Nest Survey 2014 (630kb pdf)

- 2014 American Burying Beetle Survey (1,129kb pdf)

- 2014 Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Report (1,076kb pdf)

- Wetland Delineation and Jurisdictional Waters Survey (119mb pdf)

- Northern Long-Eared Bat Acoustic Monitoring (5,595kb pdf)

- 2014 Northern Long-Eared Bat Habitat Assessment (1,767kb pdf)

- 2014 Orchid Survey (3,393kb pdf)

- 2012 Public Scoping Comments (28mb pdf)

- USFWS Letter Dated November 5, 2014 (669kb pdf)

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