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Informal Process

Power ( Apr 08 - Mar 09 )
June10-2008 Begin Informal Rates Process, PRS workshop, and workshop follow-up responses
July 09-2008 First Preference (FP) and Base Resource (BR) rate design overview
July 23-2008 First Preference (FP) and Base Resource (BR) rate design overview - Follow up Meeting
Oct 07-2008 FP and BR rate design overview continued, FP percentages, Power Revenue Requirement (PRR)
Oct 30-2008 FP and BR rate design overview continued, FP percentages, Power Revenue Requirement (PRR)
Nov 20-2008 FP/PRR continued, Custom Product Power (CPP)
Feb 26-2009 FP/PRR continued. Conclusion of Power

Transmission ( Apr 09 - Sep 09 )
Apr 23-2009 Transmission Rates: Overview and Cost of Service Methodology related to Transmission Revenue Requirement, CVP point-to-point and Network Integrated Transmission Service (NITS)
Jun 25-2009 Transmission Rates Continued: California-Oregon Transmission (COTP) & Pacific Alternating Current Intertie (PACI) & follow up action items. Conclude Transmission discussions
Sep-2009 Current Rates Expire (without Rate Extension)

Ancillary ( Oct 09 - Apr 10 )
Oct 29-2009 Ancillary Services (A/S) Overview: Sub Balancing Authority (SBA) 101, Interconnected Operating Agreement (IOA) discussion, Order No. 890 & 890A impacts
Nov 19-2009 Ancillary Services Rate Design Overview (Conference Call)
Jan 28-2010 Ancillary Service Rate Design Overview
Feb 25-2010 Informal Rates Public Process (Conference Call)
Apr 29-2010 Informal Rates Public Process (Conference Call)
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