Sacrament Area Voltage Support EIS

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Western's Sierra Nevada Region (SNR) operates and maintains numerous substations and more than 1,200 miles of transmission lines. These transmission lines are interconnected to other Sacramento area utilities and the California Independent System Operator (ISO) grid.

Population growth and development in the Sacramento area have steadily increased demand for electric power. The increased demand has reduced the security and reliability of the interconnected transmission system.

The Draft EIS evaluates the potential environmental impacts of alternatives identified for improvement of electric system reliability and voltage support for the Sacramento area.

The Draft EIS identifies and describes the Proposed Action, three action alternatives, and the No Action alternative. The Final EIS outlines the purpose and need; presents and discusses the modifications to the Preffered Alternative; presents public and agency comments and Western's responses, and presents corrections to the Draft EIS.

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Important Notice:

Due to heightened security, the Draft SVS EIS will not be available on this website. Only the Executive Summary (without figures/tables) will be posted.

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