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Quick Facts
(Source: Western's 2010 Annual Report - Statistical Appendix)
Central Valley Project (CVP) Info

Generation Profile
Capacity 2,113 MW
Energy (See #2 below) 4,557 GWh
Powerplants 11
(in circuit miles)
Substations 22

Powerplants MAF MW
Folsom 1.0 221
New Melones 2.4 380
San Luis (See #1 below) 2.0 227
Shasta 4.5 710
Trinity 2.4 575
Total 12.3 2,113
Customer Profile
Municipalities 17
Rural Co-op 1
Federal Agencies 8
State Agencies 12
Native American Tribes 4
PUDs 12
Irrigation/water dist. 22
Total 76

Circuit Miles
CVP transmission 865
COTP (SN O&M) 350
Malin-Rnd Mtn. (SN O&M) 94
Path 15 Upgrade 84
Total 1,393

Bureau Of Reclamation Hydroelectric Powerplants Listed By Region

1: San Luis storage facilities shared between Federal and State operating entities in a 47.67% to 52.33% split.

2: Average Project Generation 2004 - 2010.

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