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Acronyms and Definitions

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  • 2947A - A Contract, #14-06-200-2947A between Western, PG&E, SCE and SDG&E
  • 2948A - A Contract, #14-06-200-2948A between Western and PG&E


  • ACC - Area Control Center
  • ACE - Area Control Error
  • ACES - Power Scheduling Package
  • AC-FT - Acre Foot
  • ADS - Auto Dispatch System
  • AF/yr. - Acre Feet per year
  • AGC - Computerized equipment that automatically provides power regulation by adjusting generator output.
  • A/S - Energy reserves placed in standy mode, to be made available in case of emergency (i.e. spinning reserve, non-spinning reserve, replacement reserves, regulation, etc...)
  • ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • APA - Administrative Procedures Act
  • ASMS - Ancillary Service Management System
  • ATC - Available Total Capacity
  • ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode


  • Base Resource - CVP and Washoe Project power output and existing power purchase contracts extending beyond 2004, determined by Western to be available for marketing, after meeting the requirements of project use and first preference customers, and any adjustments for maintenance, reserves, transformation losses, and certain ancillary services.
  • BMP - Best Management Practice
  • BPA - Bonneville Power Association (the WAPA of Northwest)
  • BR - Base Resource


  • CAISO - A FERC regulated control area operator of the ISO transmission grid. Responsible for providing non-discriminatory access to the power grid, managing congestion, maintaining grid reliability and security, and providing billing and settlement services.
  • CBM - Capacity Benefit Margin
  • CCCT - Combined-cycle Combustion Turbine
  • CDWR - California Department of Water Resources
  • CEC - California Energy Commission
  • CFS - Cubic Feet Per Second
  • CMS - Congestion Management System
  • COA - Coordinated Operation Agreement
  • COI - California Oregon Intertie
  • COMA - Coordination Operations & Maintenance Agreement (with the US Bureau of Reclamation)
  • Control Area - A power generation regulation region that maintains and balances its power load and power interchanges with other control areas
  • COTP - California-Oregon Transmission Project
  • CP - Custom Product
  • CPUC - California Public Utilities Commission
  • CRD - Contract Rate of Delivery (as provided in the current electric service contract. Not part of the P04 PMP.)
  • CT - Combustion turbine
  • CTC - As authorized by the CPUC, a charge allowing the collection of transition costs in a competitively-neutral manner that does not increase rates for any customer class solely due to the existence of transition costs.
  • Customer O&M Funding Program - The arrangement between the Agencies (Western and Reclamation) and the Customers whereby Customers provide Contributions and input concerning the O&M Work Plans and Capital Improvement Projects of the Agencies. The Program does not include purchased power and CVP power O&M expenses suballocated between the CVP water customers.
  • CVP - Central Valley Project

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  • DA - Day-ahead (scheduling term) - markets where electricity is traded the day before it's generated
  • DAT - A document filed with the appropriate regulatory authority, specifying the right for a Generator to engage in a Bilateral Contract with a Buyer
  • DOI - Department of the Interior


  • EA2 - Energy Account #2. (An energy banking arrangement provided for under Contract 2948A. Not part of the P04 PMP.)
  • EAI - Enterprise Application Integration (IT term)
  • ETC - Existing Transmission Contract
  • EMS A computer-controlled system used by operators of electric utilities to monitor the real-time performance of the various elements of an electric system and to control generation and transmission facilities
  • ESP - Energy Service Provider


  • FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • FPA - Federal Power Act
  • FRN - Federal Register Notice
  • FTR - Firm Transmission Rights


  • GLDI - General Ledger Desktop Integrator
  • GMC - A FERC tariff for recovering operating and management costs
  • GMM - Generator Meter Multiplier
  • GPCP - General Power Contract Provisions
  • GRIPS - Guides, Requirements, Instructions, Procedures, and Series of Instructions
  • GW - gigawatt
  • GWh - gigawatt-hour


  • HA - Hour-ahead (scheduling term) - markets where electricity is traded the hour before it's generated


  • IA - Interconnection agreement
  • ICCP - Inter Control Area Communication Protocol
  • IOU - A utility entity whose assets are owned by investors
  • IT - Information Technology

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  • JPA - Joint Powers Authority


  • kV - Kilovolt
  • kW - Kilowatt
  • kWh - Kilowatthour


  • LADWP - Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
  • LF - load factor
  • Load Forecast - A prediction of the amount of electricity needed in the future, based on several inputs
  • LTP - Long-Term Purchase
  • LSE - Load Serving Entity


  • MAF - million acre-feet
  • MCP - The price at a location at which supply equals demand, where all demand at or above this price has been satisfied, and all supply at or below this price has been purchased
  • MDAS - Metering Data Acquisition System
  • MDR - Meter Data Repository
  • MMW - Maintenance Management Workstation
  • MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
  • MSE - Main Station Equipment
  • MTMS - Merchant Transaction Management System
  • MVarh - Megavar-hour
  • MW - Megawatt
  • MWh - Megawatthour


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  • OASIS - Open Access Same-Time Information System
  • OATI - Open Access Technology International
  • OATT - Open Access Transmission Tariff
  • O&M - Operations and Maintenance
  • O&M Funds - Funds used for actions and work elements performed by Western to continue the safe, economic, reliable and environmentally acceptable operation of the CVP power facilities including power related programs such as marketing, rates, studies, billing and energy services.
  • OOM - Out-of-Market


  • P04 - Post-2004
  • PACI - Pacific Alternating Current Intertie
  • PAS - Performance Assessment Module
  • PBS - Power Billing System
  • PF - Power Factor
  • PGA - Participating Generator Agreement
  • PG&E - Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • Physical Schedule The physical flow of electricity on a transmission grid, used to monitor transmission line load
  • PI - Plant Information (PI Data Historian)
  • PM - Portfolio Manager
  • PMA - Power Marketing Administration
  • PMCS - Power Marketing Contract Summary
  • PMP - Power Marketing Plan
  • PTO - Participating Transmission Owner
  • PU - Project Use
  • PUPP - Project Use Power Purchase


  • RCO - Relay Change Order
  • Restoration Fund - The CVP Restoration Fund, established by section 3407 of the CVPIA, into which revenues provided by the CVPIA are deposited and from which funds are appropriated by the Secretary to carry out the habitat restoration, improvement, and acquisition provisions of the CVPIA.
  • RFP - Request for Proposal
  • RISS - Reliability Interchange Scheduleing System
  • RTG - A voluntary organization of transmission owners and users who act as a forum to report to the FERC on the implementation of open access to transmission systems
  • RTO - Regional Transmission Operator
  • RTU - Remote Terminal Unit

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  • SA - Scheduling Agent
  • SC - Scheduling Coordinator
  • SCADA - A computer system that allows an electric system operator to remotely monitor and control elements of an electric system
  • SCE - Southern California Electric
  • SCID - Scheduling Coordinator Identification
  • SDG&E - San Diego Gas and Electric
  • SEPA - Southeastern Power Association (the WAPA of the Southeast)
  • SMUD - Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • SNR - Sierra Nevada Region
  • SPPC - Sierra Pacific Power Company
  • STP - Short-term purchase
  • STS - Settlements Transaction System
  • SWP - State Water Project


  • TAC - Transmission Access Charge
  • TAF - Thousand Acre-Feet
  • TCA - Transmission Control Agreement
  • T&D - Transmission and Distribution
  • TMM - Transmission Meter Multiplier
  • TOU - Time Of Use
  • TSS - Transmission Scheduling & Security
  • TTC - Total Transmission Capacity


  • UDC - A distribution business and regulated retailer that serve end-use customers
  • UFE - Unaccounted for Energy
  • USBR - United States Bureau of Reclamation


  • VAR - Voltage-Ampere-Reactive



  • Xm - Transmission
  • x/y - Billing via a method of determining the amount of Western power vs. the amount of PG&E power a customer took in a particular month, under current electric service contracts and Contract 2948A. Not part of the P04 PMP.

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