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Parker-Headgate Rock and Parker-Bouse Rebuild Project


Western is currently seeking comments on any issues, concerns, and suggestions regarding the project. Comments can be provided in writing via email or U.S. Mail (addresses below), or in person at the public open house scoping meeting. The scoping meeting will be held at the following date, time, and location:

Tuesday June 3, 2014, 6:00–8:00 pm
Blue Water Resort and Casino
11300 Resort Drive,
Parker, AZ 85344

Written comments may be submitted by June 17, 2014 to the following email or U.S. Mail addresses:
Mail: Western Area Power Administration
ATTN: Johnida Dockens, NEPA Document Manager
P.O. Box 6457
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6457

Email: DSW-PADHDR-Reroute@wapa.gov



Contact information:
Email: DSW-PADHDR-Reroute@wapa.gov



Western proposes to rebuild the existing Parker Dam-Headgate Rock and Parker Dam-Bouse 161-kilovolt (kV) transmission lines along the Colorado River in western Arizona and eastern California due to the poor condition of the structures and encroachments on the transmission line right-of-ways (ROW). The existing 161-kV transmission lines are part of the Parker-Davis System.

Western’s proposed action would include rerouting and rebuilding two single-circuit 161-kV transmission lines to a new double-circuit 230-kV transmission. The proposed action would also include construction and improvement of access roads, construction of a 6-acre laydown area, and the addition of overhead fiber optic cables. The new 230-kV double-circuit transmission line would likely utilize some existing ROW, but would be mostly constructed on new ROW. Once the new 230-kV double-circuit transmission lines are constructed and energized, the old lines and wood poles would be removed.

Western proposes this project to address encroachments and development since the lines were constructed, as well as safety and reliability issues. The lines were installed in the 1950s with wood pole H-frame structures. Many of the structures are in poor condition and present a potential safety issue to workers and the continued reliability of the transmission lines. Several encroachments on the ROW have occurred over the years making it difficult to access the line for maintenance, and presenting potential issues with public safety.

Project Documents:



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