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Post 2004 SHP Energy Determination

CRSP MC 12/8/2003 Proposed Allocations

FY2005 Current Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2006 Current Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2007 Current Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2008 Current Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2009 & After Current Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2005 New Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2006 New Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2007 New Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2008 New Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

FY2009 & After New Customer Seasonal Summary (pdf)

CRSP MC Documents and Meeting Handouts

Customer Meetings & Rate Adjustment Schedule For Long-Term Solution (pdf)

GC Lake Elevations Graph - 8/2003 Hydrology Study (pdf)

Generation Forecast Graph - 8/2003 Hydrology Study(pdf)

Power Projections Table - Original Proposal handed out at 6/10/2003 Rates Meeting (pdf)

Power Projections Table - Western's Lowered SHP Energy (5351 GWh) Proposal pdf)

Explanation of Tables Handed out at 9/2/2003 Operations Meeting (pdf)

Customer Comments, Questions, and Analysis

CAMU Letter To WAPA re: CRSP Solution (pdf)

CREDA Working Group Recommendation 10/03/03 (pdf)

Power Projections Table - Average Allocation with a 5-year stepup (pdf)

Power Projections Table - Median Allocation with a 10-year stepup (pdf)

Power Projections Table - Median Allocation with a 5-year stepup (pdf)

Table Showing Rate Impact of the above Power Projection Options (pdf)


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