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Continuously improve the methods and processes that build customer confidence and produce the best decisions.

MC Philosophy

   We are dedicated to providing accurate and timely analyses and studies that produce up-to-date information of exceptional quality and value to our customers. The following strategies have been developed to strengthen customer support and interactions and to enhance customer service:

  • Identify and apply critical success factors to those processes, products, services, and functions that yield the greatest value to our customers and Western.
  • Promote processes that demonstrate continuous improvement in the way we "do it right."
  • Establish benchmarks to compare MCs products and services to recognized industry leaders.

Rates & Repayment

   We are dedicated to consistently provide invaluable services that exceed our customers' expectations. The following actions will help us meet this goal:

  • Provide accurate, timely information and analyses to meet customers' needs, deadlines, and concerns.
  • Provide prompt responses to all requests.
  • Keep informed of emerging rate and repayment issues in the industry and within Western.
  • Involve customers in the resolution of rate issues.
  • Seek ways to continuously improve and streamline processes.

Environmental & Resource Planning

   We are committed to providing technical analyses and forecasts to supply our customers with the most cost-effective resource mix available. The following actions will aid us in meeting this goal:

  • Implement industry-standard replacement resources methods both in stand-alone and integrated resource analyses.
  • Provide credible and timely forecasts of available and sustainable hydropower for both seasonal and long-term planning.
  • Develop or acquire critical expertise in reservoir simulation modeling.
  • Provide technical support for financial matters through improved simulation and forecast of expected future revenue and expense conditions using risk analysis techniques.

Developing Marketing Programs

   As new products or services are developed, we will proceed as quickly as possible to make these available to our customers. If environmental analysis or public involvement is required, representatives will ensure these requirements comply with applicable laws and meet customers' needs. Customer input will be sought and included in developing programs. Rules or procedures will be written concisely and clearly Charges or rates will be developed and set forth in a manner easy to understand and apply

Financial Programs

   Current budgets, financial reporting, accounts payable and receivable, and auditing processes assure the financial integrity of the CRSP Processes and methods will be continually improved to reflect our dedication to control costs and reduce expenditures that directly impact the CRSP power rate.



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